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Drinking cold milk after taking a bath
is a unique Japanese way of enjoying milk.
Milk tastes particularly good after a hot bath.
Vending machines crammed with packaged milk drinks
can be found at hot springs and public bathhouses all over Japan,
and even at home people drink milk after their bath!

Moreover, for some reason,
many people drink milk with their hand on their hip.

Drinking cold milk Their hand
            on their hip



  1. 01

    Onsen-Hot spring

    There are approximately 3,000 hot spring resorts in Japan, more than any other country in the world. Bathing at a hot spring is one of the Japanese people's favorite ways to experience their culture. Milk vending machines are installed in the reception areas or locker rooms of hot spring facilities all over Japan. Drinking cold milk is one of the most relished after-bath activities of onsen goers.

  2. 02

    Sento-Public bathhouses

    Sento, or public bathhouses, have been around since the days when not every household had a bath, and as such were once part of the daily life of Japanese people. In fact, the “milk after bath” practice originated as part of bathhouse culture. Although the number of public bathhouses across the country is smaller today, the recent popularity of saunas has led to an increase in the number of new bathhouses in Tokyo.

  3. 03

    Bath-at home

    Japanese people have a habit of bathing in a bathtub every day. Many families keep milk in their refrigerators, so milk lovers can also drink milk after their daily bath at home!


do Japanese
love this milk style?


Did you know that milk tastes better when it is chilled?
And when do you most appreciate a nice cold drink?

It is after a hot bath, when you feel hot and thirsty.
Milk is the perfect companion for a hot bath,
making it a favorite among the Japanese people!

Also, our milk is
high quality and fresh!

    Raw milk taken from dairy cows at farms undergoes incoming inspection, cooling, purification, homogenization and sterilization at the factory before being filled into containers and shipped to stores. In Japan, only milk that has satisfied the strict standards set by law can be sold on store shelves. Therefore, Japanese milk is safe for everyone to drink, from children to the elderly!

  • FRESH !

    Milk drinks sold in Japan are all made from domestically produced raw milk. Raw milk from dairy cows goes through a 3-day production process before it reaches the store. Temperature control is strictly required by law throughout the entire supply chain to ensure the milk is delivered fresh to the store. In Japan, you can enjoy fresh and delicious milk wherever you go!

  • FUN !!

    As well as plain milk, there are many different flavors to choose from including coffee, strawberry, banana and more! What is your favorite flavor?

MILK after BATH is
You should


can you try this style?

  • Onsen

    Hot spring
  • Sento

    Public bathhouses
  • Bath

    Bath at hotel

You can EASILY BUY milk

This means cow milk.

牛(GYU)=cow 乳(NYU)=milk
  • Convenience Store

    There are more than 55,000* convenience stores across Japan, with over 7,000 located in Tokyo. Many are open 24 hours a day and offer a wide selection of goods, making them indispensable for Japanese people. As they carry multiple varieties of milk products on their shelves, you will find it fun to choose from them. Milk is popular among inbound tourists, too!
    There are usually several convenience stores around train stations and tourist attractions, and you can probably find one near your accommodation. Go there to find your perfect after-bath drink!
    Of course, you can try Japanese milk anytime, not just after a hot bath but maybe when you are out for a stroll!

    *Japan Franchise Association (Nov. 2022)
  • Vending Machine

    Milk vending machines are often placed at the entrance to hot springs and public bathhouses. Sometimes milk is offered in rare glass bottles and available in a variety of flavors including coffee, strawberry and banana, in addition to plain milk.

  • Supermarket

    Although they are fewer in number, supermarkets are big and therefore offer a huge variety of milk drinks. If you find one, step inside and pick up a carton, box or bottle of your favorite milk!

your Japanese Milk-Style!